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Want to witness gains of over 100%?  Watch our alerts and see for yourself!

Penny stock alerts, delivered to your email, notify you of immediate potential trading opportunities. The hot penny stocks are out there, but few know about them.  We send up to the minute penny stock picks and news directly to your inbox, and we do it free of charge.  This service is free, and it will always remain free.  Our alerts can be extremely profitable, and we are NOT like every other generic newsletter out there.   The gains you see just might shock you.

We’re constantly on the lookout for small cap stocks on the move…

We’ll send you out an email alert in situations like these:

  • Stocks Being Heavily Promoted to Investors Causing Massive Buying Volume

  • Big News Just Came Out That Could Majorly Change The Company

  • Suspicious Insider Buying

  • Unusual Volume or Momentum

  • Heavy Buzz from Chat Rooms, Message Boards, or Microcap Community Insiders

  • Reliable High Powered Chart Patterns and Technical Indicators

  • Discovery of Companies with Huge Potential That Nobody Knows About Yet

  • Rumors That Can Payoff BIG If They Materialize

These things can cause a large cap NYSE stock to rise about 10-30%, if that.  Events like these can cause a penny stock to rise 100%-2000% or more.    When something good happens in the small cap or microcap market, the profits can be enormous.

We are well connected to the microcap community, and we’re always listening to find which stock has the hype and excitement needed to make a huge run.  Hot penny stocks with positive momentum really move quickly.  We’re constantly monitoring the market so we can send you alerts on the right stocks, at the right time.  It’s obvious that the money you can make trading penny stocks is huge, but you HAVE to know which stocks to play.

Don’t just throw darts at a board, sign up above for our penny stock picks.  After all, “If you’re not inside…you’re outside.”

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Penny stocks are speculative and very risky, be sure to see our disclaimer here about the risks, conflicts, and dangerous of trading newsletter penny stock alerts before signing up:

What’s so great about Penny Stock Alerts?

First, let me tell you why we believe penny stocks are better than traditional stocks.  The answer is simple.  You can make a lot more money trading penny stock picks than you can with traditional stocks, and a lot faster. By the time a stock hits the NYSE or NASDAQ, it may have reached its peak growth rate.  Penny stocks aren’t like that.  A penny stock is often a young company that can grow at an extremely rapid rate.  The best penny stocks grow fast, possibly having their earnings or revenues rise by 50, 100, or even 1000 percent or more in a year.  Even Microsoft was once a penny stock.  Look at HANS, Hansen Natural.  This stock was 1.5 cents in 1986.  As I write this it’s $90.   There are real undiscovered gems out there.  Analysts don’t generally cover penny stocks, so good companies can be dramatically under priced.

These days, big stocks are very risky. Penny stocks are too, but with a lot more profit potential.  Many experienced traders could tell you the potential gains possible with penny stocks can far outweigh the risks.  It may sound too good to be true, which makes it even more exciting when you witness first hand that the gains are real.  Sign up for the free penny stock alerts and you might be amazed at the gains on the trades we show you.  Keep in mind, penny stock trading does involve even more risk than large cap stocks…and you should invest with caution.

Well, what are Penny Stock Alerts exactly?

We are a penny stock newsletter.  We’re here to email you anytime a stock seems set for massive gains in the near or immediate future.  Don’t worry…this is a free service, even though we should be charging an arm and a leg for it!

Sometimes a piece of news will come out after hours and we’ll let you know about it so you can be in a position to profit from it before everyone else does.  These can be high flying hot penny stocks that may make a humongous one day gain.

A penny stock alert can also be about a potentially powerful longer term investment. The penny stock market has more grossly undervalued stocks than any other area of the stock market.  It is hard for even the very best and most undervalued companies to be discovered by mainstream Wall Street.  When we find out about a penny stock that seems dramatically undervalued, we’ll send out an alert letting our subscribers know about it.  Some of  our picks have been unbelievably successful in the long term.

Stocks like VVTV and CAR have risen triple or QUADRUPLE DIGITS in just a couple short months. Despite the volatility of the small cap stock market, some of these companies are destined for success.  While most of them won’t go on to be the next Microsoft, many of them can go from 10 cents to $1.50 or so, and sometimes very quickly.  While it’ll still be a small low priced stock, you could have possibly just turned $10,000 into $150,000. Even if you only bought $500 worth, if you captured that kind of gain it would now be $7500.

Our Penny Stock Alerts are Perfect for Day Traders

The fast moving nature of penny stocks allows for enormous day trading profit potential.  If you are a day trader, you cannot afford to miss my fast paced special day trading alerts!

This is no joke. Some of our subscribers make returns that investors and day traders would love to make in a year, in just a day or two.  If you don’t believe us,  just give it a try and find out for yourself.  Increased income can mean increased quality of life.  We get paid by our investor relations advertisers and sponsors, so we don’t even charge you any fees whatsoever. The service is free, you can unsubscribe at any time, and we will never spam you or share your email address with anyone.

So…why not?  Best case, you’ll get a stock pick with the potential to make you thousands of dollars.  Worst case, this is a big hoax and we really just want to email you ads for our secret stockpiles of Mexican Viagra. lol…just kidding. didn’t become the trusted brand name known around the world for the best alerts for no reason.  We have what many believe to be THE best penny stock picks anywhere.

Find out why over 250,000 investors follow our alerts…

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