ALZM up 16.5% – New Alert Tonight – Penny Stock Picks Have Been Unstoppable!

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Hello again.

Man the winners just keep coming.  It’s been pretty unbelievable lately.  A 16% gain from a $1.50ish company in a single day??  Wow, pretty good! If you’ve been buying penny stocks that I’ve been picking lately, you’re probably well in the money!

ALZM really traded beautifully today.  It opened at $1.40 and just pretty much ran upwards all day long.  AGAIN we made a new 52 week high today!  ALZM slowly and consistently ran from $1.40 all the way to their new 52 week high of $1.62 for a gain of 16.5%.

ALZM held their gains and closed at $1.60, up over 15%.  Talk about a hot penny stock!

Our high priced plays have been killing it lately!!  My hot stock picks have been the hottest stocks around!

What shocked me even more than my unparalleled accuracy with these alerts, is the ominous nature of my Charlie Sheen rant.  This is no BS.  I swear yesterday I didn’t have any advance knowledge about anything, but you’ll remember I said CBS are fools for not trying to bring Charlie Sheen back…when they could have a ratings powerhouse on their hands.

Just this morning, I read THIS:

I know nobody cares about any of this, but seriously…I think I’ve got some real psychic powers going on here.


This makes FOUR winners in a row.  What do they do in basketball when someone has the hot hand?  They keep passing him the ball.  So in the upcoming playoff spirit, I’m going to throw up another three pointer alert.

What’s been working for us this week?  The chart pattern of a rise, pullback, and an up day afterward.  I just so happen to have found another great play with the same setup.

You know how ALZM was setup to move a little faster than the one before it, and the gain we saw was even bigger?  Well this one, once again, is setup to be even bigger than the last one.

Stay tuned, sending it out shortly.

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