Cash Teacher Penny Stock

Do you really want to put your financial future in THIS man's hands?!

Do you really want to put your financial future in THIS man's hands?!

  • Cash Teacher tries to make money from his readers!

  • The Cash Teacher only picks penny stocks he OWNS

  • He tries to charge you for half baked get rich schemes

  • He even has the nerve to say he’s doing it all for YOU!

The Cash Teacher!  Who is this Cash Teacher man who claims to be a penny stock professional?  What are some REAL reviews for this guy?

I hate to say it, but my honest opinion is that the Cash Teacher is a scumbag!

I’ll show you just how confident I am that Cash Teacher is full of baloney.  I’m offering a special challenge to readers to prove to you that the Cash Teacher is charging you for something that’s not nearly as good as what I give away for free.

Take the Cash Teacher vs. Penny Psycho (me) Challenge.  Compare my next five penny stock alerts to his, if he outperforms me I’ll send you a brand new iPad, guaranteed! * Click here to get my alerts and start the challenge.  Available only to the first 100 people who enter.

Now let me get started on telling you exactly how many ways this guy tries to screw you over…

First of all, they recommend the brokerage Ameritrade.  Either they have a relationship with Ameritrade where they get PAID to recommend them, or they have no idea what they’re talking about. I have over 150,000 readers, and the most common online brokerage complained about is Ameritrade!  Why is this guy recommending them?

Then this guy tries to make money by getting you to sign up to…check your credit score!  This guy tries to make money off of his readers in every way possible.  Then he tries to make more money off of you by getting you in on some cell phone advertising scam. It’s insane, it never ends with this Cash Teacher character.  This “$5,000 a week” money maker can be yours for a one time payment of $37! Hahaha, wow.  This guy has a lot of nerve.  How many ways can he possibly rip you off from one website?

I give the guy credit, he sure is good at multi-tasking.  His investment strength would definitely be…diversification. Lol  He’s found SO many diverse ways to try and rip off whoever goes to his website!

As the infomercials say, but wait…there’s more!  Go to his make money online page, click the link that says to only click if you’re SERIOUS about making money in the stock market.  Then you’re redirected to another page, selling you some penny stock trading e-book that supposedly teaches you how to make money trading…for $99!

Damn this guy just doesn’t quit!

But I’ve saved the most evil part of all for last.  The penny stock picks the Cash Teacher sends out are all stocks he OWNS!!!  He even tries to spin this into sounding like a good thing. Do you know what it really means?  That means he is trading against you.  He sells you the stocks he owns. It’s a shady practice my penny stock newsetter has NEVER engaged in.

Now I’m not saying I’m a perfect angel over here, far from it.  I’m all about making money for myself.  However, take a look at my site.  Is there anything for sale?  No. Everything here is free, I’m not trying to rip-off my readers selling them crappy products and half-baked get rich schemes.  My stock picks?  I NEVER buy any of my penny stock picks before my readers get my alerts,  or own any shares of them before I send out an alert. See disclaimers in my alerts for details!

I believe I send out the best hot penny stocks anywhere.  I don’t try to sell you anything.   I’ll put my picks head to head with the Cash Teacher’s any day of the week!

Already in 2011 I’ve delivered a stock that made 2,500% gains in a single day immediately following my alert, as well as MANY 50-100%+ winners that made those kinds of gains in anywhere from a single day all the way up to several weeks.  Go ahead, look at my blog and see it all for yourself.

To get my FREE penny picks, click here and input your email.  Be sure to see my disclaimer as well.

If you don’t like me or want my alerts that’s fine but PLEASE help me stop this guy from ripping so many people off. Do everyone you know a favor and bookmark and share this page so more ambitious profit seekers don’t fall victim and fork their hard earned money over to the Cash Teacher. Link it to your website, post it in a blog, tweet it, do whatever you can to stop this pathetic pariah!

Disclaimer – Any views expressed here are solely the personal opinions of the editor.  This publication has no direct knowledge of any of the activities of the cash teacher. Any statements made are purely educated guesses by an industry insider, and are not intended to be represented as facts.  This editorial is for entertainment purposes only, and not meant to be represented as anything other than that.

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