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Hello there and happy Sunday, hope everyone is doing well.  I’ve got a nice new hot penny stock.  This small cap could  make us some mad money, like Cramer!

Since I didn’t get a chance to do my after-market email the other day, here’s a quick little IBRC update for Wednesday’s trading action.  IBRC fell pretty hard towards the end of the day, as volatile sub pennies are known to do sometimes..  However the morning was rock solid and great for those who live by the book profits while you’re up principle.  IBRC hit .0082 a couple times, for a gain of about 52% from the alert price and over 32% from Tuesday’s open. Congrats to those who cashed in on that one.

Now on to my new special early bird alert.

My new alert is FCCN – Spectral Capital Corporation.

Here is what they do:

Spectral Capital is focused on the acquisition of a significant portfolio of properties for mining activities. In September 2010, the Company purchased an interest in mineral properties in the Chita region of the Russian Federation. The Kadara and Kaltagay license is located in the Mogochinsky district of the Chita Region, which has several gold mines in production, in the Russian Federation. Spectral owns 47% of the License for prospecting, exploration and production of gold and all other metals. The length of the License runs to 31 August 2031. The size of the License is 186 square kilometers or 18,200 hectares. Development and exploration activities are currently being undertaken. In January 2011, Spectral acquired a 65% interest in a gold mine in Kazakhstan, in one of the region’s most promising areas for gold extraction. Spectral continues to develop a diversified portfolio of mineral assets in some of the world’s most productive mining regions.

So in a nutshell they are a Nevada based mining company with operation in the Russian Federation.

Gold is very strong now and with even more wacky activity in the Middle East, there’s a good chance it will continue to get stronger as people seek stability away from government currencies.

You’ve got to check out this article:


FCCN has a lot of amazing things cooking right now that I believe are going to cause them to really blow up big time.  At the very least, all of the activity could create a very profitable trading situation.

They’ve got great prospects in a place called Chita, and even in Kazakhstan…of Borat fame ;)

FCCN has acquired two large mineral properties that both have the potential to yield gold and create massive value based on the current market valuation of FCCN.  There are two different geological firms both exploring the development of these properties right now.

What gives me the most confidence is the fact that in January, after the completion of preliminary due diligence, they received a Letter of Interest from the US Export-Import Bank, an organ of the United States government designed to provide funding for companies just like FCCN.

They say the terms of the proposed financing are exceptionally attractive.  The proposed financing that was contained in the term sheet was 167,500,000 million dollars, which could be just what they need to begin large scale production of their Chita property. Assuming that goes through, next FCCN says they’ll be applying with the same bank to secure financing for the Kazakhstan property within 60 days or less.

FCCN has been trading in the $4 range not too long ago, and their chart suggests they’re starting to get back there.  With a higher price tag, we may see increased liquidity and trading opportunities.

From the current price, we could possibly be looking at gains over 100% IF FCCN gets back there.

This company looks likely to heat up.  I believe a lot of investors, newsletters and miscellaneous penny people may take a major interest in FCCN soon so I wanted to bring it to you first.

As always, don’t forget about using caution, tight stops, booking profits, etc, etc.

Let’s see if this goose lays a golden egg for us.

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