Penny Stock Millionaire – Timothy Sykes Brand New Scam

  • Timothy Sykes uses deception to enhance his supposed “track-record”

  • His trades don’t REALLY work because they can’t be replicated

  • Sykes DOES pump penny stocks

  • He goes as far as promising millions of dollars in gains if you give him $2,000!


Is THIS the guy you want handling your retirement?

Is THIS the guy you want handling your retirement?


Penny Stock Millionaire….the brand new scam from the ultimate hypocrite, Timothy Sykes.


Unfortunately, Tim has really laid the BS on thick this time by charging about $2,000 for a crappy program that claims to make you millions of dollars in a few years.  Once I tell you the dirty details, I’m afraid you certainly won’t  look at Timothy Sykes the same, or even at all.

What’s the innocent angel of the penny stock industry promising this time?  Give him a little time, patience, and money. He’ll give you…over $3 million?! Sounds an awful lot like the promises made by the penny stock promoters Tim Sykes is so quick to bash, and even name call.

His sales pitch sounds nice, until the facts are double checked.  I believe his numbers are purely manipulated fabrications designed to take advantage of investors.

When I searched the term “penny stock”, one of the most frequently searched and expensive keywords in the entire industry to advertise, Tim Sykes’ site is the very top listed sponsored result!  Him or his corporate cronies pays every time someone clicks on that.  I advertise the same way myself, and  I will tell you one thing, it is VERY expensive to advertise like that.

If penny stock angel Tim Sykes was being honest about trying to keep membership down to 500 members, do you think he would be spending countless thousands of dollars on advertising to try and attract new members?   Timmy claims he’s “invited” over 200,000 SERIOUS investors (serious = potentially naive enough to give him their money) to join already, so you’d better act now before 500 spots are filled!

Hurry up!

Oh Tim, Tim, Tim…I guess the kinds of people who would believe something like you trying to limit the number of members are the same kinds of people who would believe they could turn $25,000 into $3 million simply by doing what Sykes says.  By the way, 500 spots multiplied by$2,000 = a cool million per year for Tim in subscription fees.  Think he’ll quit when he hits 500?  Hmmm…

That’s no big deal though.  Let’s get to the real shady stuff.

Wait!  I wrote this months ago, but 3/2/2012 I am posting an update that Timothy Sykes being a paid penny stock promoter is NOT my personal opinion anymore, but an absolute FACT. Check this link for proof  Timothy Sykes Scam

Tim’s Fake Track Record

While I can’t call it completely 100% fake, you’ll see how it is certainly bogus.

Tim says he doesn’t need hype.  He expects you to give him $2,000 for one thing and one thing only, his track record.

I have to agree, it is absolutely 100% one of the most amazing track records I’ve ever seen in my life.  When I saw it, I certainly thought Tim Sykes was a totally penny stock trading master.  This guys penny stock picks must be totally amazing!  What is his track record exactly?

2008 – 197%

2009 – 141%

2010 – 55% (”…an off year for me.” He says in his painfully nerdy voice)

Wow, okay that’s astounding.  Sign me up, baby!!!  That’s what I thought, until I realized his track record is absolutely pure deception.

“Investors who were with him the whole time were able to turn $25,000 into $277,360!”

You see, that’s where it turns from marketing hype into a flat out lie.  I myself ADMITTEDLY engage in (unlike the much more deceptive Timothy Sykes) marketing hype.  My readers know that, I don’t hide it.  Tim hides it, lies about it, and then even has the nerve to attack everyone who does what he does.

This guy is such a crock.  Here is almost the first thing he says in his video:

I’ve also been ranked the number one trader out of 50,000-plus traders on the past three years in a row by trading penny stocks exclusively.

That sounded too good to be true, but with the percentage gains Tim had promised I figured it could very well be true.

It’s not.

Take a look at the information I found on, a service where you can pay to have your brokerage account automatically mirror the trades that the investor you are following executes.  They have access to a brokerage account you setup specifically for this purpose, which has to be setup with Interactive Brokers, yet another service Timothy Sykes is often heard peddling.  This guy is like the Paul Newman of penny stocks, he’ll put his name on anything.

First of all Tim is definitely NOT ranked #1 right now.

He is currently #6, NOT #1.  His fund is called Contra Hype, and has returned 14.22% over the last 3 months.  The #1 spot is claimed by someone called Focus Value, who has brought in 23%.

I checked this link directly at Covestor   I checked it on April 5th 2011, just a week or two after Tim started heavily marketing his Penny Stock Millionaire program…so this info is what is actually current at Covestor when he was marketing his Penny Stock Millionaire scam.  For this year, he’s only #6…but I guess he has time to make a comeback.

Here is the shocking part.  Tim founded this account so people could pay a fee to mirror his personal penny stock trading activities.  Sounds an awful lot like the premise to Penny Stock Millionaire. IF he’s really making the returns he brags about and claims you will make as well, then $2,000 is an amazing bargain for returns in the 50-200% range annually.

By the way, why have Tim’s returns gone down every year?  I may be able to shed some light on his real results…

If Tim Sykes and have people paying money to mirror his penny stock trading account, it should be an accurate reflection of his results, right?

The Covestor account was founded in April of 2009.  His annualized percentage gain since then…30.43%  Sounds decent until you hear, the S&P 500’s annualized percentage gain since then…28.98%.

Penny stock millionaire Tim Sykes beat the S&P 500 by a whopping 1.45% over multiple years.

One could invest in an S&P fund, not have to bother with trading, manage to escape the nails grating on a chalkboard effect of Tim’s voice and personality, and come out with roughly the same gain as mirroring Timmy’s trades.

That’s bad, but here is where it gets MUCH worse.

Those were the gains made by Tim Sykes’ account.  There are a whole different set of numbers for the mirror accounts who follow Tim’s trades but have them execute minutes after master manipulator Skyes’ trades have executed. promotes mirroring Tim Sykes account pretty heavily, so it seems likely there are a lot of followers who execute his trades.

What did THEY make?

Over the same time period they made a total of…1.25%.

Yes, you read that right.  They made one and one quarter percent.  Tim made about 30%.  The S&P 500 made about 30%, and anyone unfortunate enough to get mixed up with the ultimate scumbag made 1.25%.

How come that isn’t in your little presentation, Tim?

Don’t take my word for it, check for yourself:    As of April 2011, the numbers I’m telling you are exactly up to date.

Tim gets to make great trades, buy penny stocks cheap and then have your account automatically bump up the price for him with a huge influx of buying.  Then once the price is up, he can sell.  You can sell too, but only…after he does of course, once the price has gone back down.  Pretty shady stuff.  Only poor Timothy can’t even do that right, and he just makes about the same as the S&P and his followers suffer with returns close to 0.

Tim Sykes IS a Penny Stock Promoter

What shocked me is I received an email about Penny Stock Millionaire from what Tim hates more than anything, a penny stock promoter.  I actually like the promoter who got paid to advertise Tim’s crap, but why is a man whose claim to fame is the penny stock guy who hates promoters actually partnering up with those promoters…and even putting money in their pockets?!  If I truly hated people who did something, I certainly wouldn’t be partnering up with them…and even more assuredly, I would NOT be putting money in their pockets by paying them to advertise my service.

So besides taking his hypocrisy to levels rarely seen, the promo for Sykes’ latest scam said this:

“I think about what’s been happening to most investors over the last few years, and it’s hard not to envy those who’ve been taking Tim Sykes’ advice.

In 2008 they nearly tripled their money, making 197%.  Then, they better than doubled it in 2009, grabbing gains of 141%.  And in 2010 — an off year for Tim — they made 55%. Investors who were with him the whole time were able to turn $25,000 into $277,360! If he keeps those returns up for another three years, their wealth will grow to $3,077,152.

Imagine going from $25,000 to more than $3 million in just six years.”

Wow!  Timothy Sykes, the big penny stock millionaire and arch-enemy of those who make big penny stock promises…has no problem asking for $2,000 in exchange for the very realistic possibility of turning $25,000 into over 3,000,000!  Timmy, you are really something.

Maybe I’m just being mean, maybe I’m the jerk here…but does this guy have a speech impediment or something?  If you sit through his excruciatingly long 35 minute video, you’ll hear constant screws ups!  This annoying jerk keeps saying the wrong things, not matching what he’s saying to the text on the screen, stuttering, stumbling and fumbling over his lines.  I mean come on man!!!  It’s not like you are doing it in front of a live audience and can’t edit your presentation.  Your video is nothing but 35 minutes of you talking, while text flashes across the screen.  It takes two minutes to re-record a line if you screwed it up the first time.  I believe it’s a little unprofessional to allow your big presentation to be so full of screw ups.

Side note:  How nerdy and annoying is Tim Sykes’ voice?

I also think it’s pretty unprofessional to try and hit people up for $2k and not putting any more effort into your presentation.  You’ve had your own TV show.  You’ve got a ton of YouTube videos. Is there a reason you chose to make this 35 minutes of nothing but you talking while text flashes across the screen?  If that’s all the effort you’re going to put in, don’t you think you should at least make sure you read your lines right?  I think this is a huge indicator of what you can expect with Timothy Sykes Penny Stock Millionaire program.

Well, hmm…that may all be true but, uhh..but, umm..but he ran a hedge fund!!  He must be a penny stock trading genius.  He’s literally a penny stock millionaire!  Hey, so am I…but that doesn’t mean I go around asking people for two thousand bucks.  So whatever happened to that hedge fund?  The…Cilantro Fund, as he so cleverly named it.

Check out this link from another “fan” of Tim’s:

Tim Sykes shut down his hedge fund to become, after all, a penny stock promoter.

Here is another great little piece showing how Tim’s hedge fund went under, and how he decided his next move was to use his fame to try and start a new career.  In fact, it even shows him begging to go to an industry party that told him he wasn’t welcome! Ha!!302379/hedge-funder-tim-sykes-bombs-out-on-wall-street

Instead of promoting using hyped up promises, he promotes using his own fame.  He profits from promoting stocks by trading them while people watch his account, and his followers suffer.  He profits from promoting himself by bashing his own industry and pretending not to be a part of it.  He is the ultimate slimeball!

I may not be an angel.  I never claim to be. But I don’t lie like Tim does.  I don’t disguise who I am and what I do.  I am upfront with my readers, and my alerts have helped THOUSANDS of them profit.

If you don’t like me or want my real penny stock alerts (which I do not even trade!  See individual disclaimers in alerts for details.) that’s fine but PLEASE tell people about this web page.  Bookmark it, share it, tweet it, link it to your website, post it in blogs, do whatever you can to help get the word out about this scumbag who is taking advantage of gullible people naive enough to believe his ridiculous promises.

I market my alerts as fast paced volatile trades for active traders who get in and out of stocks quickly, which are the only kinds of people who really make money with penny stocks consistently.

Tim repeatedly mentions how by following his Penny Stock Millionaire, you will be able to make enough money to retire. People may be trusting their life savings to this con-man. Whatever you think about me, or penny stock promoters in general, please help me in stopping Timothy Sykes from taking advantage of people who are seeking financial stability through safe investing and may encounter someone who will push them into extremely risky penny stock investments just to expand his own personal fortune.

Click that Timothy Sykes link for my full article on Tim.

I am the Penny Psycho, and I am the editor of this newsletter. I want to thank you for helping me try to stop this guy!

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All statements in this article are merely the personal opinion of the editor.  While the editor is a penny stock industry insider, there is no way to know the exact thoughts and actions of Timothy Sykes, or the intent or exact workings of his penny stock millionaire program, or any of his investing endeavors.  This article is for entertainment purposes only, and is not intended to represent anything more than an entertaining editorial of a notorious penny stock personality.