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Okay okay.  Here we go.  Nothing like a nice sub penny stock to crank out some fun quick gains.  Gold hit an all time high just days ago.   Then gold got hammered and pulled back a bit.  Probably sellers taking profits after a major run, which is usually a wise thing to do whether you’re talking about penny play day-trades, commodities, even houses.  Anything at all.  Booking profits is always good.

Once sellers clear out, buyers see the attractive new price and often times drive the price of the asset up to new highs.

That idea prompted me to look for a sub penny gold company that may be able to pop fast and easy if things go our way.

The facilitator of this may be my new alert, TAON – Tao Minerals Ltd.

Here is what they do:

Tao Minerals Ltd. is a mining exploration and development company formed to acquire, develop, and exploit natural resource properties focusing primarily on the rich, yet highly underdeveloped gold deposits of Colombia doing so in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. As a corporation, Tao has firmly established itself in Colombia over the past five years, becoming fully adept with the legal and political processes required and hiring highly qualified personnel in the geological, legal and security professions. Arriving early to the boom in the expansion of natural resource development in Colombia has enabled Tao to firmly establish itself in Colombia.

Investors are encouraged to visit the corporate website at

Gold may be ready to fly back up, and TAON may be able to take advantage of that bounce and catch a bounce of its own.  With or without gold bouncing back in the next day or two, TAON looks to have a strong trading setup, and even a story that could fuel a hot trade.

The underlying story here is really quite simple. Tao Minerals is currently working to restart mining operations at the El Colmillo (Colombia) property, and seem close to acquiring the rights to the Mutata properties, also in Colombia. Tao’s geologists think a huge amount of gold could be produced by El Colmillo, which is in an area well-known for successful digs. The preliminary surveys of Mutata are still being gathered, but the prior data confirms the presence of gold as well as platinum, not to mention some copper.

TAON is based in Medellin, Columbia.  Medellin. You ever watch Entourage?  That’s the title and location of the movie (about a drug cartel lord) the main character on that show shoots.  It’s a dangerous wild location.  Just like the Wild West during the gold rush, the highest reward areas can be a little dangerous.  Sheriff TAON and their posse of hired guns aims to secure a potential gold producing property that just may lead to humongous profits if they can pull it off…which it’s starting to look like they can.

Looking at TAON’s chart, we see all the makings a potential breakout looming.

Before we get to the good, let’s get the bad out of the way.

There is certainly a red flag…TAON has overall been moving downward.  Those situations create very profitable bounces sometimes, so I think this one is definitely worth thinking about.  However, it’s more important than ever to use a tight stop with this one.  We saw last time that a volatile stock can really crash if selling activity heats up.  It doesn’t matter if the crash is major or minor if you set a tight stop.  If anything goes wrong, you get out at a very early level (assuming your stop executes properly)so you’re not one of those people who ignore warnings and ride a loser down way too far.  If TAON gaps up you may want to consider putting your stop just below tomorrow’s open, which will ensure you get out if the momentum is negative.  Just my amateur biased unlicensed idea.

So trade with caution!  But I’m pretty optimistic about this one, as we have a great trading setup here, which I’ll tell you about…

TAON has excellent volume for a sub-penny, averaging almost 4.5 million shares a day over the past three month. Tuesday was a great example of the sellers really not showing much strength as the stock made a slight down move on volume that was well under half the daily average. That might just be a sign that the bears are running out of gas on TAON.

That caught my eye yesterday, but today is what sealed the deal.  TAON formed a doji candlestick! As far as candlesticks go, a doji is the most reliable one indicating a change of direction.  TAON has been on a downtrend recently, and this doji may warn of a bounce back to the upside.  Since it’s a sub penny stock, the bounce could possibly be very big.

Not just that, but the doji closed right around this week’s support level, which I feel is ideal for an entry point.  Perfect entry with a chart signaling a bounce, and a sub penny to ensure we have a strong chance at a big move if things go our way.

That very could be the case as technical indicators are pointing to an oversold condition in TAON. Both the RSI and stochastics on TAON’s chart clearly show the stock is oversold. In fact, TAON’s current chart setup gets even more attractive upon further investigation. The last time the stock was trading around these levels and the technical indicators looked the way they do today was in late March. From there, TAON proceeded to gain up to 143% in a couple weeks.

We’ve seen TAON dole out those kinds of pops before, on news that was a lot less concrete than what we’re getting now. Take last October for instance. We saw a jump from a low of $0.007 to a peak of $0.045, a 542% gain ,  after the company announced it was simply interested in the Mutata property.

Now the acquisition of those property rights are around the corner, and the stock’s trading back at $0.0042? Hmm…doesn’t really make sense, and I suspect investors may make up for lost time in a hurry.

Of course, it always helps if there’s a nice story to support the technical outlook and TAON has a juicy one.  Colombia has become an emerging markets super star. The country’s economy is growing so rapidly that investors now have another option to look at when it comes to investing in South America besides Brazil. The country’s credit rating was recently upgraded and billionaires Carlos Slim and Eike Batista have pledged to make significant investments in Colombia’s oil and mining industries.

In Batista’s case, he is focusing on Colombia’s mining and materials sector, a potential catalyst for TAON as the country is a major gold and platinum producer. In April, the company released details of an important security assessment at the Mutata gold and platinum property. How seriously did TAON take this assessment? TAON hired a company who uses ex-British Special Forces to conduct the assessment.

There’s more good news. It looks all systems may be a go for TAON in Mutata. The security situation in the area has improved dramatically and the Colombian army maintains a strong presence in the region. Plus, the Colombian government and local Army contacts have offered assistance to mining companies including Tao Minerals to ensure a secure and successful business activity. That means TAON should be able to go about the business of mining more gold and platinum at a time when demand and prices for both metals are soaring.

These are the exactly the types of catalysts that could fuel a monster run for TAON.  They’ve been releasing security related news about Mutata, and any positive progress could heat the stock up in a pretty big way.   Not to mention, mere talk of copper, gold and platinum on their own gets investors excited, and TAON is related to all three of them!

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns, but TAON has been down this road before and smart traders reaped some big rewards the last time we saw the chart look like this.  The past few days look very similar to late March, let’s lookout for another freakishly large profit if TAON pulls a repeat performance.

We have past gains of 100-500%+ gains for TAON when they see good news and investors start getting interested. 

TAON’s got all the makings of another big one coming right around the corner.  Use caution, but look for a potentially huge bounce if TAON starts to generate some positive momentum!

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