Timothy Sykes – See the Scam Man Exposed in My Review

"Yeah baby I'll make you millions..."

"Yeah baby I'll make you millions..."

  • Timothy Sykes – Is his whole life a scam?

  • Is Tim even a good trader?

  • Are his facts even real?!

  • Do you have to be rich to follow his strategy?

  • Is Tim’s ENTIRE strategy a fraud??

I’d like to tell you a tale of Timothy Sykes.   All of those questions above are perfectly legit, and deserve answers.    Let’s really review this penny stock personality and see what the deal is.

While browsing the bargain bin at the local bookstore, I came across a familiar name – Timothy Sykes. Turns out he self published a book long on hype and tales of greatness but it comes up a little short in the end.

I’m a busy guy, so I always look for the bottom line whether I’m trying to find a big stock market winner or even considering a book. Timmy the Tout closes his book with a single page called “The Numbers.” For a time, he had a small hedge fund and you can’t fake results in that field, unless you’re Bernie Madoff and I have to admit, Tim isn’t as bad of a guy as Bernie.

His audited results, that is SEC-compliant audited results rather than the unknown standard of audit he cites on his web page, are pretty revealing. Timothy reports a four-year average return of 6.04% from his hedge fund through 2006…and he also reveals that the S&P 500 gained more than 15% a year over that same time!

Tim’s hedge fund got smashed by the S&P 500!  15% return vs. 6%!  Ouch!

Readers of “An American Hedge Fund” by Timothy Sykes are treated to stories about all of his amazing success in the first 233 pages, but the real track record on page 234, is a bit different. We learn from real numbers that Tim Sykes couldn’t actually deliver market-beating returns with real money on the line and someone tracking his real performance.

Not being the kind of person to let facts get in the way of a good story, TimothySykes.com is still providing astounding stories of success. This time, he’s making his fortune by shorting penny stocks.

Shorts profit from declines in stocks, and this sure does seem like a good trading strategy for Tim. If he’s doing a pump and dump, you could double your profits by shorting the dump. If he was trying to do this, the way it would work is easy enough:

-          Buy the stock you’re going to hype

-          Hype the stock

-          Sell the shares you bought earlier into the buying created by the hype

-          Actually sell even more shares than you bought by borrowing extra shares from your broker

-          Cover the loan from the broker at a lower price created by the pump and dump

I believe Tim is a huge pumper and stock promoter, but that’s a matter of opinion. Wait!  I wrote this months ago, but 3/2/2012 I am posting an update that Timothy Sykes being a promoter is NOT my personal opinion anymore, but an absolute FACT. Check this link for proof  Timothy Sykes Scam

I don’t think Tim actually does this strategy, although he may.  He touts the strategy of shorting the pumps of “evil stock promoters.”  Back here in reality, we know there’s a problem with this penny-shorting scheme. Although it’s legal to short stocks that trade at less than $5 a share, most brokers won’t allow it. There’s a lot of risk in this strategy so in the old days, retail customers were never allowed to short low priced stocks, let alone penny stocks. Online discounters could offer the service, if they can borrow the stock and comply with all the extra reporting requirements. Most feel  it’s not worth the effort and won’t allow it.

This is pretty much across the board.  In fact, go into your brokerage account and try to short ANY company that trades under $5 on the OTC or Pink Sheets.  Don’t execute the order.  Most brokerages take you to a preview screen so you can see your order.  I guarantee almost every single one of you will get a message saying no shares are available to short, or that they just don’t allow it.

That’s the case no matter what brokerage you use.

But let’s just say you find a broker that will allow it.  Tim is even nice enough to offer you a link to one he recommends. He has an affiliate relationship with them. Imagine that, a guy who can turn $12,000 into millions and he took the time to create an affiliate link so that he could make a few extra bucks from his subscribers…

Anyway, you open your account with one of the few brokers that let you short penny stocks and now you want to place your trade. You can only complete the trade if the broker can borrow the shares. Normally, you’ll pay margin interest on the value of the borrowed shares. That’s a cost Timmy forgot to mention…but who cares, it’s not that big of a cost.

However, it’s also normal to pay a “hard to borrow fee” on stocks that brokers list as hard to borrow. These fees can be as much as 20-30% on some stocks. This is a cost that could have a very large impact on your results and is one that you will encounter when trying to short penny stocks.

That is a huge cost.

One last important point that Tim forgot is that you’ll need at least $25,000 to day trade his short picks. If you take all his trades, and close them quickly as he advises, then you’ll be labeled a pattern day trader under SEC rules and face those account restrictions. Your broker will instantly restrict your account, or demand an increase of funding to make sure you have 25k in there.

There’s nothing wrong with the SEC rules, it’s just a little misleading to imply you can day trade with $12,000 when the SEC doesn’t agree with you.

  • So to day trade, you need $25k.
  • If you can get it, you still can’t follow Tim’s strategy most of the time because you can virtually never short penny stocks.
  • Is Tim even a good enough trader to follow?
  • Is his accounting…fuzzy?

Timothy Sykes…BUSTED!!

Today’s date is August 24th, 2001.  As of today, this info is 100% correct and up to date.

Go to timothysykes.com.  Avoid looking at Tim’s face if at all possible.  He lists his profitable trades in the profit.ly window on the right side of the screen.  Looking at his most recent trade, a big winner of course, there is a problem. At the top of the list is (surprise surprise!) a big winner where he shorted LBAS on August 22.  August 22nd.  Hmm…does he mean, uh…SUNDAY AUGUST 22nd?  Sunday, a day the markets are closed. Hmm…ooooookay.  Timothy Sykes truly can do the impossible!  He even trades when the markets are closed!

He goes to Best Buy at 2am and buys new big screen TVs!  Tim Sykes goes to the library at 3am, and the secret VIP security guard lets him in.  Sykes even shows up at the mall at 4am and they lay down ice for him so he can glide around skating from store to store with beautiful women in full ballet gear.

The word “closed” means NOTHING to this man!  To this…God!!!

Okay just teasing, but the point is…you can’t trade on Sunday no matter what.  Nobody can, not even Tim.  But let’s do the unthinkable and give him the benefit of the doubt.  Let’s assume he meant the Monday after that.

Take a look at the entry price he lists for LBAS …97 cents.

Very interesting.  You know why?


The high of the day was 93 cents!

I’m sure Tim will read this and send me yet another (he’s sent me several already) enraged insane emails filled with every playground insult and curse word you can find.  He’ll explain his trade with another story like he meant to say he traded it the Friday before or some other Tim-story.


By the way, I tried to short LBAS in my E-Trade account and here is the message I got:

Your sell short order cannot be processed. Either you do not have a margin account or short sales in this security are not allowed.

I do have a margin account.  Now that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to short LBAS, it just means the VAST majority of traders will not be able to and once again we have a trade that almost no one can actually do.

Tim’s affiliate broker could possibly locate shares for him to short, because then he can keep touting his “record” and push more of his so-called students into signing up for a brokerage account with them.  However, this definitely does NOT mean that the very same brokerage is going to have shares for YOU to short.

The bottom line is once again Timothy Sykes’ facts and figures do not add up.

When I click LBAS for more details it actually DOES say he entered on Friday, and got out on Monday. Looks like I was wrong about how I just “busted” him.  But hmm…his home page lists it as a profit for 8/21.  Yet how can that be if the trade wasn’t completed until 8/22?

Nothing suspicious about entering Friday, getting out on Monday…but why is it listed as a profit for Sunday?  Why do the dates on the home page not match the dates on the profit.ly page?

Maybe it’s legit, maybe it’s not.  One thing is for sure, it’s very fuzzy.  From what I know, unless we’re talking about teddy bears…fuzziness is NEVER a good thing.

Tim Sucks!  He’s NOT a Good Trader

It says he exited LBAS at 82 cents.  The same day he covered his short at 82 cents, LBAS hit a low of 66 cents and closed at 69 cents.  Jeez.  I can’t bash the 18% profit Tim says he made, but I mean…he could have made a profit not too far from 50% if he held the trade just a little while longer that day.

Nobody ever gets the maximum gain, it’s pretty much impossible but you’d think a shorting “expert” like Timothy Sykes should know how to ride his shorts a little longer.

Another winner on his list is POTG.  The short trade in POTG is interesting.  Entry at $0.30 a share, exit at $0.27.  A mediocre but decent 11% profit.

POTG fell to 14 cents after his short!  A good trader could have locked in about a 100% profit but Tim only saw a very weak 11% profit! Even the day he shorted at $0.30, POTG hit $0.22.

Just proves that even if I’m the one who is wrong and Tim actually IS legit…is he even that good?

The Devil’s Opinion

One thing is for sure. Tim Sykes LOVES bull!

One thing is for sure. Tim Sykes LOVES bull!

I don’t think there’s anything overwhelmingly wrong with what Tim does.  Not in relation to the way the world works.  Goldman Sachs, Bernie M, etc.  Tim’s just a shady small fish.  The thing that bothers me most is the overwhelming hypocrisy.

He makes his entire career off of bashing penny stock promoters, who he has admitted are the main necessity of his entire strategy.

Guess what?  I’m the devil!  I’m an evil penny stock promoter!  But what’s worse?  A marketer (promoter) who promotes stocks that I’m paid to promote, and clearly disclaim that I am being paid to promote the stock?  Or a “guru” who spouts BS so he can collect money directly from his readers, while touting a strategy I believe he is 100% aware will NOT work for them?

I NEVER send out a promo email without telling my readers these stocks are very volatile and dangerous, trade with extreme caution, use a very tight stop, etc.  I NEVER let an email go out without making sure my readers know how dangerous these stocks are.

Tim on the other hand, in his newest penny stock millionaire program, actually mentions investing your retirement money in his strategy!

Now that’s evil, that’s Bernie M level shadiness.  I, who Tim considers to be the dirt on the bottom of his shoe, would never ever do something like that.

Even if you hate me even more than Tim I have to ask a favor of you.  Timothy Sykes has this penny stock millionaire program where it sounds like, unless I’m misunderstanding, he’s encouraging people to trust him and his strategy with their retirement money!

Please please please bookmark and share this web page to help prevent Tim from causing any serious damage to anyone’s life, and their retirement money.  Tweet a link, post it on Facebook, Facebook “Like” the page, or email it to anyone you think could be at risk.  Any way you can to help get this word of warning out to people.

It’s good karma!

Tim has a specific strategy to drown out searches for “Timothy Sykes Scam”, which is the most searched phrase regarding Tim!  He sets up countless pages and websites entitled “Timothy Sykes Scam”  so they drown out the search results for anyone looking for info on if he is a scam or not.  Go ahead and try it, you’ll see all of those sites are actually POSITIVE reviews about Tim when you click on them!  YOU spreading the word is the only way to truly protect people from him.

Click this link to read my full review of his Penny Stock Millionaire Program.

Penny Psycho vs. Tim Sykes – Fight to the Finish

I want to talk about real results.  I challenge each and every one of you to follow my stock picks and alerts, which are 100% free…unlike Tim’s service, and compare the two to see which you believe to be more profitable.

Spoiler alert…I’ve already done it and I absolutely believe the answer is ME.

But unlike Tim, I don’t assume people will believe anything I tell them.  That’s why I want you to check it out for yourself.  Yes, I absolutely DO send out losers.  That’s right, an evil promoter admitting to sending out losing picks.  In fact, I send out a lot of picks that turn out to be losers.

However, I send out a lot of fantastic winners.  Even some that have made quadruple digit gains in a single day for active day traders.  PLLX, CAPB, OLDW, etc.  They all hit gains of over 1000% for my readers, and they don’t have to PAY to get them.

They were just 1 day trades that quickly fell, but I try to hookup my day traders as well as my readers who hold for longer.

Guess what?  I did NOT get paid or profit from PLLX, CAPB, or OLDW!

I’m the Penny Psycho (or the Stock Psycho) as some call me.  Maybe you’ve heard of me.  Probably not :(   But go ahead and take the Penny Psycho vs. Timothy Sykes challenge and instead of taking my word for it…judge for yourself!

Go to my penny stock picks page (or home page) to get my alerts emailed to you and judge for yourself.

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Speaking of disclaimer…

All statements in this article are merely the personal opinion of the editor.  While the editor is a penny stock industry insider, there is no way to know the exact thoughts and actions of Timothy Sykes, or the intent or exact workings of his penny stock millionaire program,  any of his websites, trading performances or measurement of his performances.   This article is for entertainment purposes only, and is not intended to represent anything more than an entertaining editorial of a notorious penny stock personality.  The information in this article is not guaranteed to be accurate, and is merely to serve as a starting point for your own research.