TWSI Stock is Giving “SOME” Investors Pfizer Fever

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Good morning everyone!

I’m percolating with excitement over today’s new alert, TWSI.

After being featured just YESTERDAY in Powerhouse Publication “Wall St Cheat Sheet” in an article that made TWSI appear as if they belonged in the same discussion as Megacorporation, Pfizer, TWSI could be set for what could be its most bullish upcoming trading days its ever seen.

This may be the ultimate case of perception impacting reality.

Obviously the idea that TWSI belongs anywhere in the same conversation as Pfizer is laughable.  While TWSI, with its $2 million+ revenue and all, is MUCH more solid and impressive than virtually anything else in the OTC market…it’s still a silly idea to discuss Pfizer and TWSI together.

But leagues and scores of people who read Wall St Cheat Sheet are going to see TWSI and Pfizer being discussed together, and these Average Joe’s will perceive TWSI as somehow, in some crazy way, being “the next Pfizer” or some such idea.  This could start an absolute…buying……FRENZY!!!

If this “frenzy” pushes the price of TWSI sky high, then it really looks like TWSI is “the next big thing.”  After all, if the price is running up…it MUST be the next big thing.  And believe it or not, this creates even more buying until it snowballs out of control and creates a big whopping mega-gain.

Will that happen?

I’m not sure.  But with this new excitement pushing up on a stock that actually has tremendous substance and revenue…it’s certainly a situation that could turn real profitable…real quick.

I know you’re going to want a front row seat to this one, TWSI could extremely hot!

Read my full alert:

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The New SuperStar “Media Darling” Revenue Growth Play is TWSI – TriStar Wellness Solutions

About TriStar Wellness Solutions
TriStar Wellness Solutions®, Inc. (TWSI) is a health and wellness company that targets under-met consumer opportunities in the OTC and professional marketplace. Its core strategy plans to meet the growing demand for personalized care solutions by leveraging proprietary innovation and healthcare technology with the rapid transformation of the healthcare marketplace to create innovative, science-based solutions and brands. TriStar recently acquired HemCon Medical Technologies Inc., a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative technologies for hemostatic devices for the control of bleeding resulting from trauma or surgery. It also owns the Beaute de Maman brand of women’s health products.

Additional information is available at

TWSI was just featured TODAY in an article about TWSI and Pfizer like they were equals, featured in one of the top online financial publications in the world, Wall St Cheat Sheet. No doubt you’ve heard of them, or seen links to their articles showing up in a huge variety of other articles in major publications like Yahoo Finance, CNBC.

I am confident this will rapidly spread the word about TWSI to traders all over the globe, and is the reason I am issuing this alert at night.  I believe the buzz for TWSI could reach a fever pitch by tomorrow and there is no reason to wait for the opening bell when the buzz is increasing at breakneck speed throughout tonight.


You can read it here, and a lot of the info for my alert was from the extremely informative and hype-inducing article:

While you’re at it, look at the incredible story of TWSI unfolding.  Yet if you look at the chart and the volume, you can see we are extreme EARLY BIRDS on this one, and that’s exactly where I want to be.  Here is the overall headline story:

Tristar Wellness Solutions is a health and wellness company that is focused on under-met consumer opportunities in the OTC and professional marketplace. The company’s main strategy revolves around creating innovative, science-based solutions and brands to meet the growing demand for personalized care solutions. Tristar Wellness Solutions has two major brands:
•    HemCon Medical Technologies — A wholly owned subsidiary of TriStar Wellness Solutions. HemCon Medical Technologies is a fully integrated medical device company that is focused on advancing the standard of care in the civilian and Armed Forces markets.
•    Beauté de Maman — A unique line of health and beauty products developed by a board-certified OBGYN to treat problems related to the physiological and hormonal changes experienced by women during pregnancy.
Recent developments at Tristar has allowed the company to produce substantially better results in 2013 than in 2012. During the first nine months of 2013, Tristar Wellness Solutions has generated $2.57 million in revenue, compared to just $4,000 over the same period in 2012.

That’s a 64,150% gain!

That’s like turning $1,000 into…a LOT of money!!!  ;)

The bulk of that revenue was generated during the second- and third-quarter of 2013. Tristar also ended the third-quarter with approximately $315,000 in cash. How many companies alerted in penny newsletters can claim to have millions in revenue in mere months? Investors should also be aware that Tristar finalized a $1 million line of credit with Sussex Associates on November 25, 2013. This agreement will provide Tristar Wellness with the resources it needs to expand marketing operations and product development.

Wow, some ACTUAL fundamentals?!  I am shocked.  I almost don’t believe it.  It almost makes me want to not issue my usual warning.  ALMOST.  In fact, looking at their most recent high trading volume day makes me feel even more comfortable.  TWSI looks almost too safe…too perfect.  And that in and of itself is plenty of reason to remind you to trade with caution and although all signs point to pure trading bliss…to expect the absolute WORST!  Why?  Just because there are no red flags with TWSI and everything “looks” great, doesn’t mean it isn’t just as dangerous as the most volatile down-trending sub penny from Hell.  So ALWAYS protect your downside, have a plan to maximize profits and minimize losses, and do your due diligence on these “too good to be true” opportunities.

*** Be sure to trade with caution and to verify all information for yourself before trading.  Do your own research and consult with a licensed professional before trading any alert.  You may easily lose your entire investment.  In my personal opinion, the vast majority of companies alerted in this newsletter are too risky for traditional investment, and are discussed here purely from a short-term/daytrading perspective.  All traders should have substantial experience before engaging in the exceptionally risky process that is trading small, micro and nano-cap equities. ***

Despite my words of warning, I have to say that for me the most important TRUE clue of what to expect is “What happened the last time the stock traded heavy volume?”

Let’s just take a look, shall we?

It’s pure excellence!

The high volume day is Monday Feb 24th where TWSI did NOT gap up even one bit, opened at the low of the day of .65, reached a high of .92 and closed near the high at .85.  The next day, TWSI’s 2nd highest volume day, TWSI hit .95 and traded just fantastic.  The last high volume days TWSI gained nearly 50% over 2 smooth days and traded with “Rookie Friendly” ease!

This looks like a lay up!

A home run!

A slam dunk!

A hole in one!

…you get the idea.

As mentioned earlier, Tristar’s two major brands are HemCon and Beauté de Maman. HemCon designs and manufactures hemostatic bandages and dressings, which are used by the military, hospitals, dental, and emergency medical services professionals to control bleeding. The HemCon product line includes:
•    HemCon Patch PRO
•    HemCon Bandages PRO
•    ChitoFlex PRO Hemostatic Dressings
•    GuardaCare XR Surgical
•    ChitoGauze PRO and GuardaCare PRO
•    HemCon Dental Dressings
•    Synaero Hemostatic Gel
•    M*doc Products
The HemCon product line has been instrumental in helping to grow Tristar’s revenue in 2013. The success of the entire product line led Tristar Wellness to announce its expansion of their dental product line in North America. The new oral woundcare line will help improve oral wound dressing as well as pain relief following tooth extractions and other oral surgical procedures. It is estimated that approximately 10 million wisdom teeth are extracted annually in the United States alone. The cost of these extractions totals approximately $3 billion. If Tristar’s marketing campaign can help bring attention to its products, the company could profit substantially from its oral woundcare products.
Another exciting piece of news for Tristar Wellness is that the company recently announced that it has begun its national retail expansion of its Beauté de Maman product line. Tristar is now rolling out these products to drugstores, grocery chains, and natural food retailers across the country. Tristar hopes that it can penetrate over 5,000 stores by the end of the year. Based on positive retailer responses, the company is confident that it can achieve that goal.
TWSI’s Beauté de Maman product line is the largest range of products for pregnant and nursing women that are offered at retail locations. The recent launch is exciting for not only Tristar Wellness, but also the retail locations as these products cater to an under-served market. The uniqueness of the product line is a big reason why 5,000 stores is more than possible by the end of 2014.


Tristar Wellness Solutions is currently valued at just under $20 million. However, in my personal opinion that would appear to be a significant undervaluation based upon recent revenue numbers. The company has generated an average of $1.28 million over the past two quarters. Based on what the company already has in place, I would assume the company should generate at least $5 million in sales in 2015. However, investors should also take into account the recent rollout of its Beauté de Maman products and the expansion of its oral woundcare line. These new developments could push Tristar closer to the $10 million mark by 2015. Since Tristar currently has a price/sales ratio of 6.50, $10 million in annual revenue would mean a price per share of $2.81 (based on 21.35 million shares outstanding.) That would represent a 212 percent return based on Friday’s closing price.

That’s right.  We have a real gem on our hands.

Pure explosiveness, a history of awesome trading on high volume days, and a sprinkling of the rarest thing in all of the OTC market…

TRUE fundamentals to back up a Mega-Rally.

Get ready, this could be the one we’ve been waiting for.

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